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Monday, July 27, 2009

Petersham Nurseries Triumphs at Last

The future of the award winning Petersham Nurseries was saved on Thursday 23rd July when Richmond Council’s Planning Committee voted unanimously in approval of its application to continue to operate as a garden centre with restaurant.

Thursday evening’s decision follows a four year battle in which more than
13,635 locals and supporters from further a field joined Petersham Nurseries in its campaign for Permanent Mixed Use as Garden Centre with Restaurant.

The lengthy and costly process began in 1995 when a local newspaper published a letter protesting the existence of the garden centre’s catering operation. What began as a complaint against the existence of
Petersham Nurseries Café evolved into a major local traffic issue when it was alleged that Petersham Nurseries significantly contributed to traffic and congestion within the borough.

The nursery responded with the development of an enhanced
Green Travel Plan which has won praise from independent travel experts and helped to change the way people travel to the nurseries and within the area. Commenting on the Green Travel Plan, Richmond Council officers’ concluded that, “the reduction in car trips and increase in sustainable modes is normally achieved through a 5 year implementation of actions… a noticeable achievement to be made within one year”.

Travel expert,
Diana Bunyan of TBM Consultants added, “I consider the Petersham Nurseries travel plan a best practice example in the field and will be promoting it as such in my work. I would also like to add that we were incredibly pleased to have partnered such a forward thinking business in its development.” According to the nurseries’ General Manager and travel plan originator, Wendy Fogarty, the success of the travel plan was largely down to the will of its customers, “During the last ten years, many of us have changed what we eat and more recently how we garden – changing the way we travel is our next greatest challenge. We invited our customers to enjoy their journey to us on foot, bicycle, local ferry and public transport and have been overwhelmed by their willingness and goodwill. It just goes to show that positive change is possible when people work towards a common goal, not at odds with one another. We would also like to thank Richmond Council’s officers for their hard work in assessing our case”.

Speaking in response to Thursday's decision, the owners of Petersham Nurseries,
Francesco and Gael Boglione said, “We are obviously very pleased with the outcome of tonight’s meeting and are enormously grateful to the thousands of locals who have supported our application. When we restored Petersham Nurseries in 2003, we had a simple vision to create a beautiful garden centre in London – a natural space in which people could buy the best quality plants, enjoy a cup of tea, delicious food and a stroll along the Thames. This evening’s decision finally acknowledges the benefits that Petersham Nurseries brings to the borough”.

- ends -

Editors’ Notes:

1. Petersham Nurseries’ Supporters
Support for Petersham Nurseries has come from a diverse and wide-ranging group of stakeholders – from local families and community interest groups to leading environmentalists, cultural custodians and public figures; from the Horticulture Trades Association to garden centres in the USA and Australia.

2. Background
Petersham Nurseries opened in 1965 and was bought by the current owners, Francesco and Gael Boglione in 2003 who restored the nurseries with the same sensitivity as they did their home, the neighbouring Petersham House and Gardens. The nurseries reopened in the summer of 2004, fast gaining attention for its commitment to natural beauty, excellence and the quality of its cafe. In October 2004, the Council confirmed the ancillary status of the cafe. In November 2007, Petersham Nurseries was granted Temporary Twelve Month Consent to continue its operation as a garden centre and restaurant conditional upon the further development of its travel plan and reductions in car travel. Today’s application makes permanent the original application for Mixed Use planning consent.

3. Environmental Policy
Petersham Nurseries’ sensitivity to its location and commitment to sustainability is applied throughout every element of its operation – from the sourcing and selection of plants, gardening sundries, reclaimed and antique furniture, produce for the Tea House and Cafe, to its onsite composting system and its waste and recycling programme. As a garden centre, it promotes the creation of healthy, beautiful and productive urban gardens, through the use of peat-free composts, non toxic fertilisers and soil conditioners, its selection of insect- and wildlife- friendly plants and the development of its Home Grown range of annuals, vegetable plants and cut flowers.

4. Green Travel Plan
The Nurseries Green Travel Plan was the first to be developed by a small business and retailer within the borough. It has encouraged its customers to switch from cars to walking, cycling, local ferry and public transport (with car sharing when necessary) and set a benchmark for the development of smarter travel networks within the area. Travel experts TBM Consultants (Contact e-mail:
diana.bunyan@btopenworld.com) advised and worked with Petersham Nurseries to further develop, monitor and assess its travel plan. Town planning specialists, Direct Planning Ltd, advised and worked with the nurseries throughout this process.

For more information and images contact:
Charlotte Senn
Petersham Nurseries
Tel: 0208 605 3627
e-mail: charlotte@petershamnurseries.com

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Diary Date Alert: Thursday 23th July @ 6.30pm. David v Goliath

Will the future of the award winning Petersham Nurseries be saved?

Following a four year dispute with Richmond Council, the future of Petersham Nurseries will be decided on Thursday this week when local Councillors meet to discuss and vote on its application.

Petersham Nurseries’ application for Mixed Use as a garden centre (A1) with restaurant (A3) was awarded Temporary Consent in November 2007 for one year and subject to the further development of its Green Travel Plan and ability to demonstrate further reductions in car travel to the site.

Officers from Richmond Council’s planning department have now recommended Petersham Nurseries’ application for approval, acknowledging that:

• Petersham Nurseries has “achieved impressive results over the past year...overall the expected results of the Green Travel Plan are in excess of that expected to be achieved over a year...These reductions in car trips and increases in sustainable modes (walking, cycling, public transport sic) are normally achieved through a five year implementation and actions”.

Copies of the Council’s report are now available to view online: http://www.richmond.gov.uk/home/environment/planning/planning_committee_meetings/planning_committee-details.htm?mgl=ieListDocuments.asp&CId=224&MId=2012&Ver=4

Richmond Council, Planning Committee Meeting
Thursday 23rd July @ 6.30pm

Venue: Council Offices, York House,
London Borough of Richmond upon Thames,
Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AA

For more information & images, please contact:
Charlotte Senn
Petersham Nurseries
Tel: 0208 605 3627

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 2009 Client List


Bill Granger

Australian cook, restaurateur – owner of the 3 bill’s cafés in Sydney - author & TV presenter. Bill’s 7th book – Feed Me Now – was published by Quadrille Books in April 2009. His previous 6 books were all published by Murdoch Books. Bill’s new TV series – Holiday – will be broadcast in the UK in the second half of 2009. His previous TV series Bill’s Food & Bill’s Food 2 are repeated at intervals on terrestrial BBC. bills Japan opened in March 2008. Plans are underway for more restaurants in Japan and a restaurant in London.


Laura Santtini

Food writer, cook & restaurateur. Author of Waitrose Food Illustrated’s Ask Mrs Santtini column will see her first cook book - EASY TASTY ITALIAN - published by Quadrille in October 2009.


Skye Gyngell

Head chef Petersham Nurseries Café, Vogue’s consultant food editor, cookery writer for the Independent on Sunday Review Magazine, columnist for Delicious Australia. First book – A year in my kitchen (Quadrille 2006) - won 'Cookery Book of the Year' at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2007 & ‘Best Food Book’ at Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards 2007. Her second book – My favourite ingredients – was published by Quadrille in September 2008. A third book, completing the trilogy will be published at the end of 2009.


Gael & Francesco Boglione

Owners of Petersham Nurseries.


Luke Mangan

Australian chef, restaurateur – creator of Sydney’s Glass at The Hilton – author, TV presenter and founder of the Lexus Young Chef Awards. Luke opened Salt Tokyo in April 2007 and South food + wine bar in San Francisco in October 2007.



Petersham Nurseries, Richmond – plants, food, gifts and antiques.



Petersham Nurseries Café, Richmond


Santini, Belgravia, will celebrate its 25th anniversary in October 2009


Food & Drinks

Rude Health, muesli, porridge, puffs & flakes



The S.Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World Awards 2009 in association with Restaurant Magazine

The S.Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World Awards 2008 in association with Restaurant Magazine

The S.Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants in the World Awards 2007 in association with Restaurant Magazine

Restaurant Magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World Awards 2006

Restaurant Magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World Awards 2005


The International Wine Challenge 2008

The International Wine Challenge 2007

The International Wine Challenge 2006


Easy Tasty Italian

Magical Flavours to transform everyday food
Laura Santtini

Publication Date: October 2009
Price: £20

Easy Tasty Italian is about making everyday cooking taste sensational – in her new book Laura Santtini, of Santini’s famous restaurant in Belgravia, reveals the secrets of umami and other magical ingredients and shows how the simplest flavour combinations add magic to everyday cooking. Contemporary and empowering – once you’ve read Laura Santtini’s book and learnt the secrets of transformation in the kitchen, your cooking will never be the same again!

Easy Tasty Italian shows how to make the most of the powers of umami, the recently identified fifth taste, and how to use simple techniques to transform everyday ingredients into sublime dishes with minimum effort.

In the first part of the book, Laura reveals the secret ingredients of her larder and gives recipes for her intense flavour combinations – the marinades such as red wine, porcini and anchovy, rubs such as pink peppercorn, rose petal and salt, and pastes like parmesan and prosciutto – that give her food sparkle. She also shows how procedures such as pounding, chopping, slicing and beating yield mouth-watering extras that can be used to transform dishes.

Finally, cooking methods are described under Air, Water, Fire and Earth and, with each one, Laura gives a treasury of delectable recipes. Throughout, suggestions are given for transforming basic recipes – so a carbonara sauce might be uplifted with artichoke and saffron or a smooth vegetable soup might have scorched almonds stirred through.

Simple, original and unexpected, this cookbook will become your new best friend in the kitchen.

The Author
Laura Santtini is a writer who cooks. Much of her passion for food comes from her Italian grandmother, as well as her parents who launched the renowned Italian restaurant Santini’s in Belgravia. Famed for being Frank Sinatra’s all-time favourite, Santini celebrates 25 years this year and remains synonymous with authentic Italian food, premium quality ingredients and simple understated designer surroundings. Laura’s early career was in PR, with Lynn Franks, then at MTV Europe where she worked with international stars all over the world. Laura moved to Milan where she was a freelance event producer. In 2002 she returned to re-launch Santini following her father’s retirement.

For further information and review copies please contact Clare Lattin on 020 7839 9462 or email Clare@quadrille.co.uk

New puffed cereals - no mere piece of puff

Following hot on the heels of their new Early Bird muesli Rude Health is launching two breakfast cereals. Rude Health Puffed Oats and Rude Health Puffed Wheat are light, oh-so-good foryou and irresistibly delicious.

Oat-mania has embraced rolled oats, hot oats, even wonderfully crunchy oats but until RudeHealth propelled its new Puffed Oats into stores there hasn’t been a light oat cereal. Salt and sugar free, these fluffy, wholegrain breakfast gems will be available nationwide from the end of July, where they will be found on the main cereal aisle sitting alongside their similarly wholesome sister Puffed Wheat.

The secret to Rude Health’s Puffed Wheat and Puffed Oats is in their rocket like production.The finest wheat and oats are loaded into a giant popping machine and blasted out so hard that they explode. BOOM. Great fun and a truly excellent idea too as the nutrition of the grain ispreserved along with its naturally great flavour. Rude Health believes there’s no earthly reason to add salt, coat in sugar or throw in any nasty additives when cereal tastes this good.

And now for the science… Puffed Oats are an excellent source of beta-glucan, known to lowercholesterol and keep your heart healthy and happy. Oats also have a low GI index, which means their energy is released slowly, which should kick those mid-morning snack attacks into touch. Made with wholegrains, this cereal is high in fibre, helping to make you feel as bright and bouncy as a trampolining ballerina.

Rude Health’s angelic Puffed Wheat is also high in fibre and makes a fabulous low-fat breakfast. As yummy with cold milk as when tumbling overchopped banana and drizzled with maple syrup, a bowl of Puffed Wheat gives you a flying start to the day.

Editor’s Notes

Who are Rude Health?
Based in South West London, Rude Health was set up by a bunch of foodies in 2005 with onesimple aim: to make breakfast cereals that they wanted to eat. This means that everything Rude Health makes has to be wholesome, sustainable, good for you and of course utterly delicious.

Price Information
Puffed Oats £1.60 (150g)
Puffed Wheat £1.40 (150g)

Stockist Information
Available from Waitrose and Ocado.com from 20th July 2009.

For further information on Rude Health and their range of fabulous breakfast foods you can visit the website http://www.rudehealth.com/

For scrumptious samples and mouth-watering images please contact Holly
Tel: 0208 877 9821
Email: holly@rudehealth.com

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bill’s Holiday


UK Premiere

Weekdays at 9.00pm (starting Monday 20 July) on Good Food

Bill Granger’s latest series BILL’S HOLIDAY will have its UK premiere on Good Food on Monday 20 July at 9.00pm. Each week night will see a new episode broadcast with repeats being shown at regular intervals throughout the summer months.

BILL'S HOLIDAY is a seven-part series featuring Australia’s sunniest export, restaurateur and food writer Bill Granger. Each episode of the series features the food of Australia and Bill's trademark fresh, seasonal dishes, as joyful and uncomplicated as ever, and accessible by all, wherever they happen to live.

Bill Granger is an iconic Australian chef, author of 7 much loved cookbooks, and presenter of two previous TV series (bill’s food 1 & bill’s food 2). This latest series is full of information, tips and amazing recipes that will appeal to cooks of all abilities. With dishes and destinations to drool over BILL’S HOLIDAY is the ultimate foodie escape.

Part-personal pilgrimage and part-travelogue but with the emphasis firmly on food, Bill celebrates the varied produce of Australia as he travels from the cooler climes of the south to the tropical and exotic north, he ventures deep into the arid red centre, along the rugged coastlines and out to the deserted seas. Throughout the series Bill explores the diversity and physical beauty of his Australian heritage.

In BILL'S HOLIDAY, Bill meets the characters who are devoted to their delicate salt bush lamb, their sweet and juicy mandarins, their freshly caught squid. He takes inspiration from their anecdotes, their dedication and their spectacular environments. Through Bill and the extraordinary producers he tracks down, we get a rare insight into Australia’s indigenous produce and varied food culture, with Bill sharing over 40 of his favourite, regional recipes along the way.

BILL’S HOLIDAY is produced by bills films, a production company set up by Bill Granger and his film and TV producer partner (in life and business), Natalie Elliott. Natalie's credits as producer include two series of the award-winning bills food, dramas, documentaries and high-end television commercials.

Broadcast Dates & Times

Monday 20 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 1.

Tuesday 21July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 2.

Wednesday 22 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 3.

Thursday 23 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 4

Friday 24 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 5.

Monday 27 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 6.

Tuesday 28 July 2009 at 9pm Bill's Holiday episode 7.


Episode 1 – East Coast: NSW

Episode 2 - Rugged South: South Australia

Episode 3 - Tropical North: Queensland

Episode 4 - Apple Isle: Tasmania

Episode 5 - Top End: Northern Territory

Episode 6 - South East Pastures: Victoria

Episode 7 - Outback: Western Australia and Queensland

Bill’s latest book Feed Me Now was published earlier this year by Quadrille.