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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chocolate by Trish Launches at Selfridges

French based, Irish chocolate lover, Trish Deseine, author of the bestselling 'Je Veux du Chocolat' ('I Want Chocolate!'), will be introducing her new range of French cook's chocolate - 'Chocolate by Trish' during Chocolate Week from the 11th October 2010.

Trish has sold over 1 million cookbooks, presented three TV series, and writes for both English and French language publications. Now her love of chocolate and her belief that using good quality can transform any cook's baking has led her to create her own range of quality French cook's chocolate due to launch in Selfridges in October, and perfect for using in recipes at home.

On Thursday 14th October, as part of the Selfridges Chocolate Week celebrations Trish will be demonstrating her Chocolate Making Kit and inviting customers to participate in blindfolded tasting tests. Seated, and enveloped by gorgeous, chocolatey aromas, all senses will be directed towards the taste of Trish's milk, white and dark chocolates and the ingredients they encompass.

All it takes is the right stuff. Rich in cocoa butter. Made in France with love and care.

Chocolate Week is the UK's largest and most indulgent celebration of chocolate, featuring a variety of exciting events nationwide.

Chocolate by Trish will be launched in Selfridges during Chocolate Week, from the 11-17th October 2010.

Available in Selfridges Food Halls - London, Manchester Trafford, Manchester Exchange Square & Birmingham.

And online at www.selfridges.com

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For more information on Chocolate By Trish visit www.chocolatebytrish.com


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