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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A late night London bite

Last night as fat flakes of rudely wet snow covered me head to toe I received a call from an inbound chef asking me where he could get a decent bite to eat in London should his plane from Madrid ever make it off the ground (and back down on to it again). Off the top of my head these were my post 10 pm suggestions:

1. Hakkasan

Bocca di Lupo - in Soho

Le Cafe Anglais - in Bayswater

Zuma - in Knightsbridge

Pizza East - in Shoreditch

I'm still waiting to hear if he made it.

Nahm Note - The inbound chef originally had a booking at Nahm however in an honourable display of concern for their staff the Halkin Hotel asked the restaurant to close at 9pm last night so that they all had a good shot at battling home over the ice and through the snow.


Blogger catty said...

Not a bad late night list :) for a far faaarrr more casual late night dining option, we always head to HK Diner on Wardour St. Always delish and always open (ok til 4am or something anyway)...

1:34 AM  

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