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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who will be London's Porridge Champion?

On Saturday 28th November, as part of their porridge extravaganza, RudeHealth is holding a Freestyle Gourmet Porridge Contest with their lively friends at Giraffe, the global family-run restaurant group.

Whilst Rude Health roller-skaters hand out complimentary bowls of their scrumptious porridge, fellow porridge fanatics who didn’t make it up to Scotland for the World Porridge Making Championships last month, are invited to try their luck at this new London event.

To enter simply dream up your ultimate breakfast concoction whilst emailing hello@rudehealth.com for an application form.

The 10 best entries will be invited to the final cook-off at Giraffe restaurant on the Southbank. The winner will be crowned Rude Health’s London Porridge champion 2009 and presented with their prize.

With the only prerequisite being that competitors use Rude Health’s Daily Oats, an expertly-made blend of organic jumbo and porridge oats, the world really is their oyster. From creamy porridge served with poached, seasonal fruit and an almond tuille, to rocky road porridge, the possibilities are endless. Those feeling adventurous might even go down the savoury route with pumpkin porridge risotto or parmesan porridge dumplings; the more inventive and imaginative the recipe the better.

Competitors will be provided with a single porridge pan and stove, and can pick their mixing implement of choice, be that a spoon, spurtle or spon. They have 20 minutes to prove their worth.

There’ll be plenty more going on at this porridge party. Giraffe will be hosting a junior contest to find London’s little Porridge Prince or Princess. Here 12 junior finalists will be given 5 minutes to transform a bowl of plain porridge into a tantalising breakfast treat and dazzle the eminent porridge judges with their culinary creativity.

One of the judges on the day, the 2010 World Porridge Champion – Anna Louise Batchelor– will be demonstrating her spectacular Spotted Dick Porridge Pudding. This dish recently won the Speciality category at this year’s Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships in Scotland.


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