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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New York Restaurant Hit List

Let's make this clear from the outset, I am NOT an expert when it comes to dining out in NYC however since I've put in the leg work to think out and type up a list of restaurant recommendations for a friend of mine here in the UK, I might as well record it for future use. Any suggestions as to restaurants / bars / delis / street food stalls that I should add to the list will be hungrily considered.


One of the Momofukus. My favourite is:
Momofuku Ssam Bar

Daniel Boulud's eponymous fine dining restaurant Daniel is unforgettable, at least I'll never forget the pressed duck he made for us, crushing the blood out of the carcass at the table - not half as gruesome as it sounds - however if I were heading back to NYC I'd make a beeline for his new, much more casual French brasserie meets American Tavern:

My mouth waters at the thought of returning to:
Katz Deli
And memories of a unique midday madness coming flooding back

Per Se was and I'm sure still is magnificent but *whistles* boy is it expensive:
The Bouchon Bakery
however is an affordable treat.

If I was going to push the boat out and go somewhere new (at least new to me) I'd make a reservation for:

Another place that I haven't been to but is edging up my must-try list is:
Blue Hill New York

And if I fancied a pizza I'd go to:

And finally:
Prune is just the kind of place I like to eat:

Suggestions from Twitter friends.....

Balthazar - had a great breakfast or 3 there

City Pie on 72nd and Bway - "an antidote to all the raw food restaurants my aunt took me to"

Cafe Lalo - "so many desserts to choose from"

Commerce in W Village

Gammercy Tavern - "always good"

Alexandra Forbes kindly sent me her recommendation along with a wonderful illustrated review of:
Danny Meyer's 11 Madison Park

Next time I'm off to New York I will definitely examine her blog "New York for Insiders" before making any decisions:


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