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Monday, November 30, 2009

Perfect porridge weather

We feared that the weather was going to be so lousy that Rude Health's Porridge Championships on the outdoor terrace of Giraffe's South Bank restaurant would be a washout. In the end we had clear blue skies, crisp fresh air and a fiery but good humoured bunch of competitors.

Gorgeous Dulcie, who looked like she'd just stepped out of a catalogue had a firm vision for her porridge.

It was Lilly however who was crowned London's Porridge Princess:

Rude Health's London Porridge Princess 2009
Lily Woods

Lily created a Fruity Smiley Porridge. Judge and reigning Golden Spurtle World Speciality Porridge Champion, Anna Louise Batchelor aka Porridge Lady, particularly appreciated the pumpkin seed eyebrows:

With the cold air chomping at our finger tips, the adult competitors were all too happy to gather round their stoves. Fiercely competitive, they were also unusually good natured and supportive.

Adjudicators turned a blind eye to the Porridge Princess' assistance. I'm not sure this freshly crowned member of the Porridge Royal Family was that impressed to be put to work so swiftly after her coronation:

...she nonetheless helped to produce this indulgent creamy peach porridge

And whilst cheering at the odd spill here and lost ingredient there, some mind-boggling creations emerged. To my mind this looked as if it was going to be a tiramasu porridge ....

In fact it turned out to be a sophisticated and complicated Porridgino - created by Becca Arnold - a creamy mascarpone porridge layered on top of an espresso soaked, caramelised biscuit base and Kahlua soaked sultanas, topped with natural yoghurt, chocolate shavings and toasted amaretto almonds. The end result with a spoonful removed .....

William Gould's cheeky Ronnie Barker Porridge, a coconut porridge with dark chocolate ‘convict’ stripes would have won if humour had collected more points. Carefully positioning his chocolate prison bars....

...which melted enticingly over the coconut porridge....

The justifiably proud creator....

Dave Evans' All American Breakfast Porridge won many surprised admirers for its sweet maple porridge with crispy bacon and sausage and extra maple syrup:

All the finalists in the freestyle, adults' gourmet competition gave the winner a good run for his spurtle:

But there could be only one winner.....

Rude Health's London Porridge Champion 2009
Tom Baxter

A keen amateur cook, Tom, 25, confounded judge and public alike with his Mexican Street Food Porridge, a chilli chocolate porridge with a twist of lime. Its spiciness was unexpectedly moreish:

In addition to judging the competition, Anna Louise Batchelor aka Porridge Lady - demonstrated the dish that clinched her the speciality category at the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships:

Porridge Lady's spotted dick porridge pudding with vanilla custard was swooped upon and gobbled up by awestruck porridge aficionados. ..


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