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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Easy Tasty Magic™ by Laura Santtini


Easy Tasty Magic™ by Laura Santtini is a spell binding range of transformational scratch cooking preparations with a little abracadabra. A single application of these innovative cook’s ingredients has the power to transform simple dishes, with neither fuss nor hocus pocus. Cooks of all levels are empowered with spectacular kitchen wizardry.

These magical preparations by Laura Santtini are included in her transformational cookery book -
Easy Tasty Italian - published by Quadrille in October 2009

Easy Tasty Magic™ is as mouth watering as it is spellbinding. Laura Santtini's Easy Tasty Magic™ range is a blend of unusual combinations and notions taken from three separate and special larders, as explored in her book, Easy Tasty Italian : the typical Italian larder, the Alchemic larder and the Umami larder, the recognised fifth taste of savoury ‘deliciousness’. Traditional Italian ingredients are entwined with the alchemical flavours and commodities of Renaissance Venice. Easy Tasty Magic™ - Food Bling ™, Taste No. 5™ and Star Dust Savoury Sprinkles ™ will be launched exclusively through Selfridges Food Hall from October 2009 and is the perfect compliment to any kitchen.

Food Bling ™ comes to Selfridges
Easy Tasty Magic™ takes the credible edible out of art shops and into the food hall. Food Bling™ retail packs consist of edible 23k gold and silver in both leaf and flake form. Food Bling™ kits include gold and silver leaves and application brush plus a box of gold and silver flakes. Gold and silver flakes are also sold in a specially designed transparent shaker for blinging up any table. What “gilty” pleasures await!

Stardust Savoury Sprinkles ™ - heaven on earth
The stars of the herb and spice world are gathered, milled to a fine star dust and blended with edible 23k gold or silver. Designed to both season and decorate, this range of Stardust Savoury Sprinkles is an innovative and Easy Tasty Magic way to transform the simplest dish. These delicious twinkling star dusts come in five notes and colours: Venetian, Renaissance, Taste No. 5™, Inca Chilli Chocolate and Japanese Furikake. Extraordinarily beautiful, a feast for your eyes and your palate.

Taste No. 5 ™ - Umami Paste
This secret recipe comes in a squeezable tube and contains over 80 inches of pure unadulterated deliciousness. A pioneering umami preparation guaranteed to become your favourite squeeze, Taste No. 5 ™ can be added as a flavour bomb to anything from grills, roasts and bakes to pastas, soups, risottos and stews to sauces, gravies and crusts or simply on its own as a condiment for panini, crostini and dressings.

Latterday Rubs
A range of latterday rubs using the finest salts, spices and new herb drying technology to guarantee both colour and flavour
Carnal Sin Rub ™ is a seductive rich and heady seasoning. Tenderising magenta beets blend with notes of pink peppercorn and exotic Persian rose to crash upon shores of pink salt and sharp sumac in a final and indulgent carnal sin. Ideal for seasoning red meats, robust fish and seafood before cooking. White Mischief Rub ™ on the other hand is light and pure, a colonial latterday rub for white flesh, fish and shellfish. Smoked China tea is blended with delicate jasmine, spicy Paprika and aromatic Sichuan peppercorns. On The Game is a tasty latterday rub for hunters and their prey. Scented Mediterranean rosemary and myrtle are blended with wild juniper, cracked black peppercorns a hint of lemon and a hue of garlic. The final rub in the range is International Jerk. A common latterday rub for wings, breasts and thighs, this is a globetrotting blend of Scotch bonnet chilli, thyme, bay and sweet Island spices.

Packaged in magical jewel coloured glass with apothecary style labels with illuminated gilded lettering these products are guaranteed to enchant any kitchen corner and make ideal and very special gifts.

Laura Santtini is a long standing consultant to Selfridges. Her inspirational and truly delicious Credit Crunch Chocolate has received global acclaim. Aside from writing her book,
Easy Tasty Italian, and developing her own product range, Easy Tasty Magic™ whilst running Santini Restaurant, Laura has developed a new Selfridges’ own label herb and spice range.


Food Bling ™
The Food Bling Kit £14.99
The Food Bling Shaker £14.99

Stardust Savoury Sprinkles ™
Venetian, Renaissance, Taste No. 5 ™, Inca Chilli Chocolate and Japanese Furikake All priced at: £3.49 for 7g glass tube

Taste No. 5 ™
60g tube £2.99

Latterday Rubs
80g jars TBC

Cut outs available

We anticipate that samples will be ready at the end of September shortly before they appear on Selfridges’ shelves.

Selfridges – London, Birmingham, Manchester Trafford & Manchester Exchange Square

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