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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barmy Banana Breakfast

Rude Health’s new porridge is top of the class. This winter wake up to the lip-smackingly luscious flavours of Rude Health’s new Top Banana organic porridge; a blissful blend of banana, roasted hazelnuts, maple flakes and oats.

To create
Top Banana, Rude Health has bejewelled their expertly-made base of British porridge oats and jumbo oats with soft chunks of Fairtrade banana. Ground banana is used to spread this irresistible fruity flavour throughout each mouthful whilst roasted hazelnuts provide a uniquely subtle crunch. For a scrumptious natural sweetness Rude Health has discovered the magic of organic maple flakes. From Canada, the home of maple, they add the heavenly taste of maple syrup with all the health benefits too. As Top Banana cooks and the banana pieces caramelise, the rich flavours combine to turn this into a breakfast that’s barmily good.

Top Banana not only tastes amazing but it’s good for you too. Thanks to their low GI score the creamy organic oats will keep you going for hours whilst also helping to lower cholesterol. The dried banana pieces are packed with potassium; an essential mineral needed to keep your muscles in good shape. Maple flakes have fewer calories than honey and are believed to act as an antioxidant. As with all Rude Health cereals Top Banana is high in fibre and contains no added salt or sugar…. making it a most virtuous cereal and not very barmy at all.

There’s more fantastic news… Eating this porridge will not only give you the right start to the day, it will give children in Costa Rica the right start to life too. You see the banana pieces are Fairtrade and grown on small co-operative farms. In the past the farmers’ children had to travel 1½ hours by boat to reach the nearest school. But since receiving a fair price for their produce, the community has built a local school that uses solar electricity and teaches 45 young students.

Rude Health is on a mission to bring great taste variety to porridge bowls up and down the country.
Top Banana joins the award-winning Fruity Date, the highly nutritious seed sown Morning Glory and the hard core traditionalists’ favourite Daily Oats.


Association of Small Farmers of Talamanca, Costa Rica
For further information:

Who are Rude Health?
Based in South West London, Rude Health was set up by a bunch of foodies in 2005 with one simple aim: to make breakfast cereals that they wanted to eat. This means that everything Rude Health makes has to be wholesome, sustainable, good for you and of course utterly delicious.

Price Information
Top Banana organic porridge £3.99 RRP (550g)
Fruity Date organic porridge £3.99 RRP (550g)
Morning Glory organic porridge £3.49 RRP (550g)
Daily Oats organic porridge £3.19 RRP (550g)

Stockist Information
Available from Waitrose, Ocado.com and independent food stores nationwide from September 2009

For further information on Rude Health and their range of fabulous breakfast foods you can visit the website

For scrumptious samples and mouth-watering images please contact Holly

Tel: 0208 877 9821

Email: holly@rudehealth.com


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