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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rude Health Debate: Local Markets or Supermarkets? Where to for the aspiring quality food business?

Saturday evening saw the most successful debate at Abergavenny to date.

Hosted by Rude Health, the debate between Rude Health's Camilla Barnard, The Grocer's Adam Leyland, Slow Food's Catherine Gazzoliand, and Patchwork Pate's Rufus Carter, was chaired by Sheila Dillon, and asked the question "Local Markets or Supermarkets: Where to for the aspiring quality food business?"

A lively debate was initiated by the panel and sustained by a feisty bunch of producers, suppliers and members of the public including Valentine Warner, Chocolatier Paul Young and Trewly Farm's James Swift.

Rude Health has a tradition of sparking healthy debates and discussions that rotate around food and the food industry. Co-founder Nick Barnard is forever ranting and raving about real food, and Saturday proved he is not alone in his passion.


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