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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dinner at Noma - 7 September 2010

Nasturtium flower and wild snail


Seabuck thorn leather and pickled hip roses

Cookie with lardo and currant

Rye bread, chicken skin, split peas and smoked cheese

Radish, soil and herbs

Pickled and smoked quails egg

Toast, herbs, smoked cod roe and vinegar

Shrimps and sea urchin

Dill and beach plants

Gem salad and hazelnutmilk

White currant and juniper

Dried Scallops and grains

Watercress and squid

Mahogni clam and cucumber seeds

Tatar and sorrel

Taragon and juniper

Langoustine and söl

Parsley and seawater

Oyster and the ocean

Cauliflower and pine

Celeriac and black truffle

Garden sorrel

The hen and the egg

Deer and wild thyme

Beetroots and red fruits


Hay and chamomile

Sorrel and herbs

Jerusalem artichoke and marjoram

Apple and malt

Blueberries and wood sorrel

Walnuts and blackberries

Dusted cream


Blogger Naomi said...

how wonderful - cannot wait to hear all the details

11:29 PM  
Blogger vignoramus said...

Dining there in October as well as El Bulli!
Now my mouth is watering...

12:17 AM  

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