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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A DIY Christmas for Chocoholics

In France, it is tradition to give beautiful boxes of chocolates to friends and neighbours at Christmas. In her Chocolate Maker’s Kit, a collection of tools of the trade and a specially created English version of her chocolate recipe book Chocolate Atelier, chocolate-lover Trish Deseine shares her recipes for creating perfect hand-made truffles and glossy miniature chocolates to give away.

And what better way to spoil your guests at the end of a meal than a home-made tray of chocolate biscotti or chocolate shortbread? Last-minute Christmas stocking ideas are also taken care of with recipes for chocolate lolli-pops and tips for personalising mendiants.

Trish’s top tips for creating DIY chocolate presents for Christmas;

“Try to find the best chocolate you can. High and pure cocoa-butter content, rather than high cocoa-solids content, is the way to go. The cocoa butter means the chocolate has a good base of flavour, will be smooth on the palate and easy to melt.”

Chocolate Kit £25.00
Kit plus bag of Chocolate by Trish chocolate £29.95
Available from www.selfridges.com


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