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Monday, June 14, 2010

Outsider Tart at Foodies Festival

After accompanying Laura Santtini to a fair few food shows of late, we have become well accustomed to zipping through aisles to keep up with the eager-eyed food expert. Apart from having her own range of phenomenal products, Mrs Santtini is also a food consultant to both Waitrose and Selfridges and has a knack for predicting culinary trends (this is the woman that brought umami to the high street after all) We chased her to the Outsider Tart stall at the Hampton Court Foodies Festival, and were wowed by psychedelic crispy pies, crates of chocolate whoopee-pies and the best cup of coffee of the day.

Our favourite producer at the fair by far, the guys at Outsider Tart charmed us further by sneaking Ms Santtini (Laura’s 12 year old whoopee-pie connoisseur daughter) one of their famous chocolate treats. We are hooked and can’t wait to get down to their store in Chiswick, where we hear they also serve up delicacies for pampered pooches- puppy granola and pup cakes no less.

Their website is just as delicious


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