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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Petersham Nurseries Unveils its Murano Glass Collection

On Monday 24 May 2010 at Dover Street Market in London’s Mayfair and at its home just outside Richmond, Petersham Nurseries will unveil its Murano Glass collection, a selection of important vintage and newly created pieces.

The launch will be marked by an extraordinary window at Dover Street Market designed by Lara Boglione. This display will capture the essence of a Petersham Nurseries’ summer using Murano Glass and living plinths whilst at the same time creating an installation which can be walked in to and around.

An avid collector of this artisan craft for his own home, Petersham Nurseries’ owner Francesco Boglione has, together with his eldest daughter Lara, journeyed repeatedly to Murano with this extraordinary project in mind. The source of glass artistry since 1291, the first impression of Murano these days can be of an overwhelming menagerie of animals and a circus of glass clowns. Undeterred by such hurdles however the Bogliones explored Murano’s back waters and rediscovered its covetable craftsmanship. The fruits of their travels allows a discerning public to acquire both vintage and newly created pieces which illustrate the heritage of Murano’s thousand year old craft.

Petersham Nurseries’ Murano Glass Collection comprises of several distinct stories. With an artist and an individual story behind each piece each extraordinary gem in the collection is as singular as the breath that shaped it.

‘Scavo’: Vases designed in the 1950s and 60s by Antonio da Ros, one of the most famous and significant designers from Murano’s rich tradition. These pieces were blown in the foundry of Gino Cenedese, one of the islands most respected glassblowers. The Italian for ‘dig’, Scavo resemble ancient pieces of glass excavated from Roman ruins. When the glass is still hot, it is covered by a powder which gives the glass a translucent, cloudy and iridescent quality.

‘Opalino’: These vases are also from the foundry of Gino Cenedese produced in the 1960s, using a specific type of glass- a beautiful and intense opaline, rarely used today. Since it is unusual to source Opalino vases of such quality today, these pieces are of particular interest to collectors.

‘Sergio Rossi Vases’: Maestro Rossi creates sculptural vases that express his ever-changing relationship with the art of glassblowing and his search into the ‘origins’ of glass, an elusive medium that continually torments him. The pieces in this collection were created during the 1990s using opaque powders which were then coated in clear glass, reminiscent of Barovier e Toso, one of the oldest glass foundries on Murano.

‘Vintage Collection’: A stunning and eclectic collection of glassware from different periods of Murano’s history, including pieces by Pauly & C (one of the most respected foundries, set up in 1903). These inimitable pieces are highly collectible.

‘Goti’: Designed for this collection to recreate the drinking vessels of the maestri. It is said that the Goti are an array of colours, shapes and sizes because they were hastily fashioned into drinking glasses from scraps found on the foundry floor as their creators worked next to the furnaces in the crippling heat. The new collection borrows from this anecdote to inspire vases bespeckled with vivid colour and undulating globules of glass.

‘Fermacarte’: The paperweights in this collection are by Maestro Silvano Signoretto, one of the most talented maestri still blowing his craft in Murano today. Each of the ‘millefiori’ are unique. The result is an intricate and labyrinthine design, resembling a kaleidoscope of floating flowers. In addition, Petersham Nurseries have designed a limited edition of nine paperweights inspired by Gustav Klimt’s work.

The Moretti Collection: Moretti’s glass factory was founded in 1958, quickly becoming one of the most significant in the area and abroad. Petersham Nurseries has forged a relationship with Giovanni Moretti and will bring selected pieces from his collection to sell exclusively in the UK.

In 2010, Petersham Nurseries brings the unequalled craftsmanship of the Murano isle, off the Venetian coast, to our own.


PETERSHAM NURSERIES Church Lane, off Petersham Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 7AG
Telephone: 020 8940 5230


DOVER STREET MARKET, 17- 18 Dover Street, London, WIS 4LT
Telephone: 020 7518 0680

OPALINO: from £300 to £800
SCAVO: from £285 to £1250
VINTAGE: from £900 to £5000
FERMACATA: from £70 to £350
GOTI: from £175 to £350
MORETTI: from £81 to £1584
SERGIO ROSSI: from £1200

Petersham Nurseries
Petersham Nurseries, owned by Gael & Francesco Boglione, is set at the foot of their home, Petersham House, at the base of Richmond Hill. To save this local nursery from the clutches of the circling developers and multinational garden centres, the garden-loving Bogliones bought the run-down business and in doing so reunited the original Petersham House estate, separated for over 30 years. After extensive restoration work was undertaken, it re-opened in 2004 utterly transformed; a magically, whimsical place in the most idyllic of surroundings.

Specialising in the English gardening tradition Petersham Nurseries is a tranquil oasis and seedbed of inspiration. The unique styling of the plants is complimented throughout the one acre site by garden antiques and original artefacts, carefully sourced from Britain, Europe, India and the Far East by the Bogliones and their buying team. The Petersham Nurseries Murano Glass collection launches this summer


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