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Friday, May 14, 2010

Romanengo Workshop Update

I've just opened an email from Italy with more details about next Saturday's artisan confectionery workshop with Romanengo at Petersham Nurseries ... it will surely be a workshop to suck and savour:

The Performing Artisan
The "performing artisan" coming to Petersham will be Enzo Fortunato. Romanengo's long standing master sweet maker. He will show us how to make caramellati sweets, chocolate truffles and iced candied fruits which will then be passed around the group for tasting.

i dolci de Romanengo
Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano has never produced the sweets traditionally associated with pastry-makers. What it does make are a wide range of special goods delivered daily to Romanengo stores which have become known as "i dolci di Romanengo". Their dainty sweets and desserts are made with the finest chocolate, almond paste, nougat, candied fruit and marrons glacés.

The tasting will also include other products form Romanengo including mixed confetti (dragées), rosolio drops, rose petals preserve, rose syrup, fondants and chocolates. Delfina Romanengo and Andrea Rocco will "guide" the guests through the tasting explaining the history of the products and revealing the secrets to how they are made.

For more details see earlier post ...


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