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Monday, May 10, 2010

Love Curry....Do It Yourself

Hare’s Moor DIY Curry Kits: a new, convenient concept in creating authentic curries from scratch

Additive free, fresh, healthy and fun, these perfectly considered kits contain everything needed to make a curry from scratch aside from the main source of protein, be it chicken, lamb, fish or tofu, and three store cupboard basics - an onion, a splash of oil and a couple of fresh tomatoes.

Hare’s Moor uses entirely fresh produce such as unpeeled cloves of garlic, pieces of ginger, Cayenne chillies and curry leaves to ensure that the range of robust and authentic flavours and the aromas of the hand-picked ingredients are captured in their entirety. Because the kits are so fresh, they need to be kept refrigerated to preserve the high quality of the contents.

Unlike most supermarket-bought spices which have lost their potency from sitting on shelves months after being processed, Hare’s Moor spices are roasted and ground freshly each week so that the flavours and aromas are captured and preserved at their peak, adding intense depth, strength and a complex layer of flavours to the dishes.

Kits range from a rich Rogan Josh with fresh garlic, chilli, ginger and hand-blended spices to a creamy Korma Masala, a traditional South Indian Madras and a popular Timatar Masala from the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

Sally Hares, created the kits after returning to full time work following maternity leave. “I've always cooked from scratch – I find it very relaxing after a hard day at work, but found it a chore having to shop around for the hard-to-find fresh ingredients at the end of the day. I wanted to be able to buy something that put all of those bits and pieces together in a high quality kit, which would make after work shopping as easy as picking up a jar of sauce with some chicken.” When Sally couldn't find anything like it in the supermarket, she decided to create one herself.

The BBC recently chose Hare’s Moor as one of 15, top up-and-coming Food and Drink brands in Britain today. The DIY Kits will be showcased on prime BBC1 TV, in a new series called High Street Dreams in mid May with Jo Malone.


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