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Thursday, May 06, 2010

foodies rant, rage & roar

After the success of their foodie Speakers’ Corner at the Abergavenny Food Festival,
Rude Health are back to rant at Real Food. The Rude Health gang will be joined
by celebrated chefs, fearsome food writers and proudly opinionated producers as they too step onto the hay bale and up to the microphone to rant. Come to the Bandstand in the heart of the festival and listen or heckle from 2-3pm on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th May.

Rude Health’ relentless chief ranter Nick Barnard will kick off the rants, followed by the likes of chef and Italian food expert Valentina Harris, award-winning drinks writer Richard Ehrlich and founder of Food Lovers’ Britain, Henrietta Green. Full schedule follows.

Find out what Coffee Fairy Martina Gruppo thinks of Fairtrade whilst baker extraordinaire Richard Bertinet kneads out some of his bugbears. Rare Tea lady Henrietta Lovell, straighttalking Alison Lea-Wilson from Halen Môn, blogger Ms Marmite and Easy Bean founder Christina Baskerville will show that the girls have plenty to rant about too.

After a terrific (if controversial) tirade against Elizabeth David at Real Food in 2009, seasoned ranter and editor of food magazine Fire and Knives, Tim Hayward will be back freshly riled and ready to let off steam. Also chalked up to appear are spicy ranters Priya Lakhani from Masala Masala and Patchwork Pate’s Rufus Carter who will be revealing what really gets them hot under the collar. We can see the sparks flying already.

It’s sure to be a spectacle - as long as Nick relinquishes the hay bale; we’ve got a cattle prong just in case!*

Hecklers welcome. The more vocal the better.

And if you’re not able make it to the Real Food Festival the rants will be recorded and uploaded to the Rude Health website - www.rudehealth.com - where you can currently find all of the Rude Health rants, including those by Mexican-food marvel Thomasina Miers, Reggae-Reggae Sauce man Levi Roots and Cyrus Todiwala OBE.

* Cattle prong or similar poking device will not be used on anyone apart from Nick- he’s used to it.

Friday 7th May

-Useless kitchen gadgets by Danny Kingston, Food Urchin food blogger
-Oats for victory! by Porridge Lady, Anna Louise Batchelor
-Real bread with a crust by Richard Bertinet, chef and baker extraordinaire
-The importance of food culture by Priya Lakhani, from Masala Masala
-The meaning of local food by Henrietta Green, founder of Food Lovers’ Britain
-Snow Leopard Trust conservation by Stephen Sparrow, Snow Leopard Vodka
-It’s not all herrings & meatballs by Signe Johansen, food anthropologist and food blogger
-Creativity - a mug’s game? by Richard Ehrlich, award-winning drinks writer
-Real Juice by Patrick O’Flaherty, from RDA Organic
-Provenance by Neil Gover, from Lahloo Tea
-Sneaky soya in processed food by Jayne Mugridge, from Yarty Valley Provisions (Cordial)
-Food education by Stephanie Wood, from School Food Matters

Saturday 8th May
-Spelt, real bread and using British flour by Andrew Wilkinson, from Gilchesters Organics
-Selling alcohol as a loss leader is immoral by Michael Kain, from Bramley & Gage
-Sea salt is key to a healthy diet by Alison Lea-Wilson, from Anglesey Sea Salt
-Raw milk by Steve Widler, from Hook & Son
-Is fair trade always a good thing? by Martina Gruppo, from The Coffee Fairy
-Sophie Dahl and cookery programmes by Valentina Harris, chef and Italian food expert
-Quality and sustainability go hand in hand by James MacNay, from Rare & Organic
-Perfection by Tim Hayward, editor of Fire & Knives
-Tea dust by Nick Kilby, from Teapigs

Sunday 9th May
-Proper tea by Henrietta Lovell, from Rare Tea Co.
-You don’t have to be vegetarian to love beans by Christina Baskerville, from Easy Bean
-Ranting without stabilisers by Rufus Carter, from Patchwork Pate
-Happy cows by Miranda Ballard, from Muddy Boots Foods
-Waste (and waist) problems by Oliver Dowding, from Shepton Farms
-The UK has no idea what constitutes good value food by James Swift, from Trealy Farm Charcuterie
-Why it’s cruel not to eat veal by Jon Brown, from Bocaddon Farm Veal
-Drink raw milk by Philip Lowery, Director of Real Food Festival & top man
-Real lemonade - drink the cloudy stuff by Claire Martinsen, from Breckland Orchard Drinks
-Allergies by Ms Marmite, underground restaurateur and blogger

Real Food Festival - 7th - 10th May 2010

Rude Health’s Speakers’ Corner can be found in the Bandstand

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