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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Which is the most Angelic Cereal?

Rude Health might be a little cheeky, but their ‘no added salt or sugar’ breakfasts aren’t in the
recently revealed Cereal Offenders line-up.
The latest Which? Report states that 31 out of 100 cereals surveyed contain more than four teaspoons of sugar per portion. Whilst the nation wakes up to the news that a number of popular cereals contain more sugar than a bowl of ice-cream, those tucking into a bowl of Rude Health cereal can feel smugly virtuous.
Rude Health’s range of organic muesli and porridge is angelically healthy, with no added salt or sugar, or any other nasty additives for that matter. Made with wholegrains and sustainably-sourced ingredients, Rude Health breakfasts are wholesome, yummy and lots of fun.
Camilla Barnard, Rude Health’s co-founder and marketing director says “The salt, sugar and fat levels in cereals are only part of the story. If you are eating breakfast for energy, to keep you going and for general health then you need to look at the benefits too. Many highly processed cereals will leave you hungry and tempted to snack. The best choices for breakfast are muesli and porridge.”
Sue Davies, Which? Chief Policy Adviser said in the report: “Breakfast is important, and some cereals deserve their healthy image”. Rude Health doesn’t like to boast, but their halo is looking rather well polished of late.


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