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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Granola -new multigrain granola launches this spring

With their award-winning cereals filling breakfast bowls up and down the country,
Rude Health have set their muesli-making expertise to creating the country’s first
multigrain organic granola with spelt, amaranth and barley, and no added salt
or sugar. The Granola launches in Waitrose stores nationwide from May.
Rude Health’s The Granola – so called because it is the ultimate organic granola – is both indulgently delicious and healthy. It is the only organic granola to blend porridge and jumbo oats with wholesome spelt flakes, toothsome barley flakes and puffed amaranth.

Considered a super food by the ancient Aztecs, amaranth is a popular street-side snack in Mexico, which is where Rude Health’s co-founder and fanatical foodie Camilla Barnard discovered this highly nutritious, tasty little seed. High in protein and packed with iron and calcium, the puffed amaranth in The Granola gives it a lovely lightness whilst the spelt, a great alternative to wheat, and barley flakes add a complex, grown-up flavour.

Rude Health blend this unique multigrain combination with freshly roasted hazelnuts and almonds for an irresistible nutty taste. And a cheeky sprinkling of crunchy sunflower seeds adds an extra boost of goodness.

This mix of marvels is drizzled with date syrup and honey, then gently baked to create a crisp granola that softens seductively in the mouth. Rude Health choose their ingredients like they choose their friends: wild not refined. Rude Health never use refined sugars or artificial flavourings; instead they opt for naturally sweet things like honey and date syrup, which are also packed with nutrition. Dates are high in fibre and rich in potassium, whilst honey is a great source of energy and is even said to boost your immune system.

The Granola is mouth-wateringly moreish with cold, creamy milk or a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Listen to Rude Health’s co-founder and chief ranter Nick Barnard voice his utter loathing for skimmed milk - or dirty dishwater as he calls it - on the website

editor’s notes
Who are Rude Health?
Cereal revolutionaries Rude Health aren’t afraid of punching above their weight. The crack team of just seven, led by co-founding couple Nick and Camilla Barnard, are on a mission to bring delicious healthy breakfasts to cereal bowls up and down the country. With no added salt or sugar and no junk, Rude Health vehemently reject over-processing and refined ingredients. They rely instead on the highest-quality, sustainably-produced ingredients to make cereals worth waking up for.

For further information on Rude Health and their range of fabulous breakfast foods you can visit the website - www.rudehealth.com

Product Information
The Granola, £4.49 for 500g
Available from Waitrose, Ocado.com and independent health food
stores, organic shops and delis nationwide.
Please contact Holly for details or
Tel: 0208 877 9821
Email: holly@rudehealth.com

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